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Changes needed when upgrading from 2.4.6 to 3.2

asked 2017-04-20 16:20:35 -0500

Mitch gravatar image

We have been shipping OpenCV 2.4.6 prebuilt dlls for several years in our commercial product. We are preparing a new release and want to upgrade to using the prebuilt libraries for OpenCV 3.2. We use VS 2015

  1. Is there a list of changes we must make to our code to use the new version of OpenCV? Or is it simply a matter of dropping in the new dlls and rebuilding?

  2. I downloaded opencv-3.2.0-vc14.exe and extracted the file. I found the "world" dll under \x64\vc14. Since we are building 32 bit apps does that mean I cannot use the prebuilt libraries. Are 32 bit versions available somewhere else? Or will we have to start building our own dlls form the OpenCV source.


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answered 2017-04-20 18:29:38 -0500

berak gravatar image

updated 2017-04-21 00:22:49 -0500

  1. there's a heap of changes between 2.4.6 (released in 2013) and current 3.2.

    it's no more a matter of replacing dlls, you'll probably have to rewrite some code. seriously, you've been living under a rock for far too long.

    there's a transition guide, but for details, we might need to know coarsely, what your code is doing (features2d ? ml ?)

  2. only 64bit vs2015 libs are shipped prebuilt nowadays, for 32bit (and any other compiler), you definitely have to build from src

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