How to use Eigenfaces in Android Studio

asked 2017-04-08 01:41:57 -0600

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I've recently got OpenCV up and running in Android Studio. I'm trying to make a basic app that does some facial recognition but when I try to use createEigenFaceRecogizer or FisherFaceRecognizer I get a syntax error basically stating that Android Studio has no idea what that function is.

Looking online I've seen people mention that the Java wrapper excluded the facial recognition functions for some reason and that a work around is to create your own wrapper.

So I guess my first question is if this is true? Second, if that is true, then could anyone guide me on how to go about making a wrapper to make those functions work? I have no idea on how to go about this at all, so even a link to a tutorial about the very basics of making a proper wrapper would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is a too vague or uninteresting question, but I appreciate any help that you can offer.

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opencv version ?

what are you planning to do, in general ? (having a multiple person recognition database on a phone usually does not make much sense, and for the "is it the owner" verification, you'd need something else, anyway.)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2017-04-08 02:18:03 -0600 )edit

I'm using version 2.4.11.

I'm basically trying to make a database, stored in the app, that will be used to recognize individuals. I also want to have the option for an individual that isn't recognized to be added to the database and thus be recognized in the future.

Also, do you know of any sort of documentation for the openCV Java wrapper? Or is it pretty much a one-to-one conversion of syntax from C++ to Java?

skippy130 gravatar imageskippy130 ( 2017-04-08 15:04:02 -0600 )edit