Check if my projection matrices are correct

asked 2013-05-23 03:12:45 -0500

kajtusa gravatar image

I used OpenCV methods stereoCalibrate and stereoRectify to get the projection matrices of my cameras - that means I used euclidean geometry. Now I want to check if these projection matrices are correct. I found out that I can't use for the calculation fundamental matrix, because it is included in other kind of geometry (projective, but I am not sure). I could transform that projective geometry to euclidean one. But isn't there any easier way to check them?

I am new in computer vision, so I am sorry if I wrote something incorrectly or something isn't that clear to me. If that happened, please correct me. And if someone can explain me what is the difference between these geometries clearly (I was searching, but I think some information is missing there for me), I would be grateful for that :)

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