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Problem installing sfm module

asked 2017-03-26 14:35:51 -0500

Hello everybody,
I want to use the Structures from motion module with OpenCV 3.2.0 under Ubuntu 16.04.
I installed the dependency gflags with the command sudo apt-get install libgflags-dev but I get the following error

Found required Ceres dependency: Eigen version 3.2.92 in /usr/include/eigen3
Found required Ceres dependency: glog
Failed to find gflags - Could not find gflags include directory, set GFLAGS_INCLUDE_DIR to directory containing gflags/gflags.h
Failed to find Ceres - Missing required Ceres dependency: gflags. Searched using GFLAGS_INCLUDE_DIR_HINTS: /usr/include and gflags_DIR: /usr/local/lib/cmake/gflags.
Module opencv_sfm disabled because the following dependencies are not found: Glog/Gflags

I tried it with both, opencv and opencv_contrib, on master level of the repository and also with version 3.2.0 but it failed both times. I also tried to set the GFLAGS_INCLUDE_DIR but this also didn't help. Does anyone know whats the problem?

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answered 2017-11-22 15:43:31 -0500

anjana gravatar image

Cloning and building gflags from worked for me

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