Building 3d model build3dmodel.cpp

asked 2013-05-17 08:41:16 -0500

januka gravatar image

This is regarding the sample code shipped with opencv 'build3dmodel.cpp' . I am hoping to do a project on 3d reconstruction using opencv, but before that i would love to test a sample project like this. I have configured OpenCV on Visual Studios 2010. I am new to OpenCV, Please do tell me how to give inputs( I have a test image set) to this programme to test ( specify the lines please..) this is a GREAT help!

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Hi Januka, I was wondering if you have anything so far? I am working on the same thing. Any help will be appreciated.

SumitM gravatar imageSumitM ( 2014-10-06 14:23:52 -0500 )edit