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OpenCV optimizations on Android Tegra3 platform

asked 2013-05-13 22:26:55 -0600

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For benchmarking purposes I have ported a OpenCV test application from the PC to my Android Tegra3 device (Nexus 7), using this guide.

Because my test application uses the old C API, I need to confirm if the optimizations are actually being applied to my program. The manual in chapter 19 implicitly suggests that only the C++ functions are optimized.

In order to test, I wrote a simple test comparing cv::medianBlur() againt cvSmooth (with CV_MEDIAN) and cv::add() against cvAdd(), but found no differences in runtime.

So the questions:

  1. Are the C API calls being optimized the same as the C++ API calls?

  2. How can I turn the optimizations on and off? The "OpenCV for Tegra Demo App" (link to google play) does it, but is seems the sources are not available for me to check how they do it.

Thank you.

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answered 2013-05-14 03:56:41 -0600

  1. OpenCV internally is written in C++. So some of old C functions are just wrapper for C++ analogue. cvAdd is wrapper for cv::add for example.

  2. OpenCV4Tegra demo is closed source application. There is no way to turn of optimizations. The only solution I know - use different OpenCV library (Manager packages).

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