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How rotation invariant is FAST + FREAK in practice?

asked 2013-05-12 15:06:25 -0600

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updated 2013-05-12 17:08:49 -0600

I've been doing some experiments with FAST and FREAK, cause I read that it is rotation invariant. However, when I compare two images that are 180° rotated i get really poor results.

What I need to explain next might also be important: I only use the best 500 keypoints from each image (the ones with the biggest response). When I match the images with FAST (or FAST PYRAMID, doesn't make a difference) and FREAK I get 0 matches. When I use all the keypoints I get 23 matches, but they are just wrong (check image) image description

BRISK does quite a good job, but it's slow.

My Question is, just how rotation invariant is FAST+FREAK in practice? (in theory I guess it should even be good for 180°?) and is there a way to improve it without changing my detector and descriptor (both are quite fast, i know BRISK gives better results, but it's too slow for the application I am going to make).

EDIT: it might be important to add that I am doing this on a Android device with a Java Wrapper for the OpenCV Functions. It is critical for me that it all runs as fast as possible (hence not using the BRISK)

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answered 2013-05-12 15:59:52 -0600

Notas gravatar image

First of all, use ORB. In your example there's no scale difference, but it helps. I read a bit on ORB and it's an improvement on BRISK and other detectors and I has better orientation computation. Though I also read that FREAK computes orientation anyway so that's possibly irrelevant then. Using the best response of keypoints isn't a solely good way to filter them. What if you end up with points that are very close to each other, but only cover a very small part of the image?

I just did a test on an iron man image with size 1280x864, computed 500 ORB keypoints and used FREAK as descriptor with matching from OpenCV. The matching itself took around 0.005s, got me a mean match distance of 18.09 and returned 194 matches.

image description

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what matcher do you use for the ORB + FREAK, cause bruteforcehamming matching gives back only 13 matches. It might be important to say that I'm using an Android device, so my matching etc. take a bit longer. The images I use are 320*240 for the fastest results.

MysticBE gravatar imageMysticBE ( 2013-05-12 17:03:45 -0600 )edit

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