OpenCV Reading multiple QR-codes at once?

asked 2017-03-08 04:32:25 -0500

Hello there!

I am trying to find a library or a project in c++ which allows for reading multiple QR-codes at once. So far i have been searching google thin for the answer but nothing has yet come up. I've found plenty library's or project's which allowed reading one QR code at a time, which is not what i am searching for.

If anyone know a library or a project preferable in c++ but python is okay as well then please let me know!

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QR-codes is not designed for "multiple reading"

jsxyhelu gravatar imagejsxyhelu ( 2017-03-08 08:31:23 -0500 )edit

Update : Zbar can read multiple QR-codes

Kitnos gravatar imageKitnos ( 2019-10-18 02:33:21 -0500 )edit