How to train a GPU/CUDA CascadeClassifier or HogDescriptor? [closed]

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I'm working with a couple of self trained CascadeClassifiers. They are trained using HOG and LBP. But I can use HAAR if needed. In v3 the CascadeClassifier doesn't support HOG anymore, but using the HogDescriptor would be ok. As I am using the detection in a realtime application I would like to speed up the detection process. I would like to do that using the GPU or CUDA version of the CascadeClassifier and/or HogDescriptor (I can use v2 or v3 depending on which version is working). Now I am unable to train any GPU or CUDA classifier/descriptor. I would like to know what the requirements are for this?

What have I tried?

  1. Installed the CUDA drivers from Nvidia
  2. Trained with opencv_traincasade with all 3 feature types (hog, lbp, haar) and using it on both GpuCascadeClassifier and CudaCascadeClassifier (not working)
  3. Trained with opencv_traincascade with HAAR feature type and -baseFormatSave to save in the old format and used it on both GpuCascadeClassifier and CudaCascadeClassifier (I heard that this should work for GpuCascadeClassifiers, but it's not working for me)

Also, if you have any other suggestions for speeding up the detection process, please let me know.

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