SURF parameters dependency

asked 2013-04-29 08:57:53 -0600

mada gravatar image


I am trying to find the best SURF parameters for image matching that I am working on. For that, I need to find out what are parameters dependant on.


  • Hessian threshold - from what I read - it depends on average local contrast in an image, that means sharpness. Is there any other image property that influences this parameter?

  • Number of octaves - ?. From my tests, number of octaves does not really changes anything a lot. (used 3,4,5)

  • Number of octave layers - ? Can´t figure out on what image property it depends...
  • Extended - 128-element should be better in most of the images...
  • Upright - used when rotation is under +/- 15°

Anyone has experience with it? For example: blurry images -> small number of octave layers is the best...and such correlations. Or some article that points that out? Thanks!

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