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how to create opencv application in windows c++ forms

asked 2013-04-25 07:11:12 -0500

Heshan Sandeepa gravatar image

updated 2013-04-25 07:13:52 -0500

hi, i am doing OCR application using opencv 2.4.3 in visual c++ windows forms(visual studio 2010 ultimate and windows 7 64 bit). before that, i did this OCR application as a c++ console application and it works fine. but when i tried to re-create the same application with visual c++ forms, it gives this error.

ERROR: EMM intrinsics not supported in the pure mode!

i have no idea about how to fix this. can someone tell what is the reason for this error and how to fix that.

thank you

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answered 2013-04-25 07:44:42 -0500

berak gravatar image

changing the General -> Common Runtime Support settings from /clr:pure to /clr helped in my case

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hi berak, thanks it worked, i tried it with simple opencv function. its working. can you say , will it work for any kind of opencv application ? :) , i mean something like my total OCR application ? Any way thank you very much for considering this problem.

Heshan Sandeepa gravatar imageHeshan Sandeepa ( 2013-04-25 08:24:32 -0500 )edit

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