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need suggestion regarding opencv+cuda+opencl

asked 2017-01-11 07:18:12 -0600

vasu12360 gravatar image

have been recently hired by a startup and they have given me the task to make opencv program as much computationally optimised as possible using cuda and opencl and record the performance of the program(code) in different scenario.

I have worked on opencv for 3-4 months but have not worked with cuda or opencl built opencv nor I have prior knowledge of cuda or opencl .

Though there are a few examples of cuda and ocl opencv functions, i dont want to just copy and exchange simple functions with cuda functions....i want to aquire deep knowledge of where to use cuda or opencl and were to use cpu for better optimisation.

Can anyone suggest me how to take steps in this field and how to pursue further? Further if we use standalone cuda or opencl libraries instead of built opencl lib is there any case when anyone get better result in former case P.S: I am using opencv 3.2 with c++

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answered 2017-01-12 11:54:49 -0600

pklab gravatar image

CUDA and OpenCL are 2 completely different things . OpenCL is portable across multiple manufacturers/devices/embedded (GPU/FPGA/DSP), CUDA is specific to NVidia GPU. ... On my notebook, I can use OpenCL apps but not CUDA apps because I've amd/radeon GPU.

Performance is one of many aspects and often is less relevant than others like portability, embedding, power requirement, mission critical...

Because you are starting and your are interested to different scenario, maybe embedded, I would suggest to evaluate OpenVX ecosystem. OpenVX can encapsulate OpenCL, CUDA . It should offer best available performance on target host. OpenCV 3.2 now uses vendor-provided OpenVX.

Khronos's web site hold a lot documentation. These slides Khronos Vision Processing Update : Dec15 and Khronos-Embedded-Workshop_Nov16 can introduce you to the ecosystem.

have fun !

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