OpenCL with ClAmdBlas/ClAmdFft

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I am trying to build opencv head with opencl support including CLAMDBLAS/CLAMDFFT support. Where do I locate these libraries and which versions are required?

I found a note on the AMD website about the libraries being open sourced - I assume these are the ones

The opencv build/install is happy and it seems to work (include files are found), but during runtime both cv::ocl::haveAmdBlas and cv::ocl::haveAmdFft returns false. I noticed a mismatch in the expected dll names also (clAmdFft.Runtime.dll vs clFFT.dll). Is this supposed to work?

I am evaluating cuda and opencl for dft (among other things). For DFT on 25 Mpix images Cuda gives me a speedup about 6x, OCL (without blas/fft libs) gives me a slowdown about 0.8x compared to CPU.

-- Best regards, Jakob

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