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install opencv on mac

asked 2016-11-18 23:40:57 -0500

mas gravatar image

I am trying to install opencv on my mac cd ~/opencv mkdir release cd release cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local .. make

I get the following error, ld: framework not found CoreImage clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) make[2]: * [lib/libopencv_videoio.3.1.0.dylib] Error 1 make[1]: [modules/videoio/CMakeFiles/opencv_videoio.dir/all] Error 2 make: ** [all] Error 2

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answered 2016-11-20 01:18:52 -0500

jeremybub gravatar image

You can just use homebrew to install it.

brew tap homebrew/science
brew install opencv3

It also includes various installation options, for example

brew install opencv3 --with-contrib --with-ffmpeg
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