Windows: VideoWriter compression dialog and codec number x264vfw

asked 2016-11-18 03:18:35 -0500

Micka gravatar image

I want to encode some videos with h264 on windows using cv::VideoWriter in version 2.4.11

I downloaded and installed x264vfw and I can select x264vfw in the compression dialog if I choose VideoWriter(filename, -1, parameters...)

Is it possible to select the same codec by choosing the right fourcc integer parameter and/or by choosing the right CV_FOURCC(a,b,c,d) characters a,b,c and d? Or is the compression dialog independent from those codes?

using CV_FOURCC('X', '2', '6', '4') gives me Could not find encoder for id 28: Encoder not found same for CV_FOURCC('H', '2', '6', '4') (and h264 / x264)

So how to find the right integer value or fourcc code?

Another possibility for me would be to open the compression dialog only once and later on release and open the VideoWriter again multiple times using the same parameters (or at least the same codec), but as far as I see, I always have to choose each parameter on .open() so I would have to click through the compression dialog again and again?

Any other advice?

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