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Can I use OpenCV to analyse video clips?

asked 2013-04-05 05:13:00 -0600

Harry gravatar image

I am involved in martial arts and need to analyse video clips of karate athletes doing kata (A series of hand a and foot movements) , can I use OpenCV to do this?? It would be like image recognition only perhaps a little more detail as I want to detect certain arm and foot movements in a video. I would use this to compare two competitors etc.

Is this possible with OpenCV??

I am a software engineer with C++ experience.


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answered 2013-04-05 07:00:07 -0600

Basically what the kinect SDK does, creating a skeleton of a person is what you would be needing. In openCV however it is not that easy to define. You could perform person detection, but this would not give you exact location of the limbs.

You could define a detector for hands and feet, but don't think that is optimal also.

Look at optical flow? It is a way of displaying movement between frames. Maybe the motion can be captured as a sequence of typical optical flow movements?

Just some suggestions here!

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