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Hello, I' using the 2.4.3. version (OpenCV) and I'm trying to use the Qt extension. my questions are: 1) how to manage the menu entries of the window made by cvNamedWindow. I default there is a standard menu configuration with some icons for panning, zooming etc...and one entry ti save the file....but if you choose to save the file nothing happens...I suppose that some code shall be added...I suppose there is some possibility to derive a class from the base class to overload some functions in order to customize the window menu behaviour.. any ideas? 2) Y tried to compile the samples under the samples/cpp/Qt_sample directory but the compiler failed on the cvCreateOpenGLCallback.....I tried to understand just to be sure that some include files were not missing but.....I didn't find any definition of the function cvCreateOpenGLCallback in any of the include files of openCV....

Thanks a lot

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cvCreateOpenGLCallback was replaced with cvSetOpenGlDrawCallback

Vladislav Vinogradov gravatar imageVladislav Vinogradov ( 2013-04-01 01:20:53 -0500 )edit