Video composition by switching between multiple cameras

asked 2016-10-05 11:16:20 -0500

tinku gravatar image

I wanted to compose a video from multiple cameras. While stitching I wanted to switch view from one camera to another. Is it possible to do it in OpenCv?

For example I have 3 video paths(videos having same duration) and wanted to create a single video summary by switching between the videos. To start with I have created 3 video capture objects as shown below.


similary, I also created


Now initially I will have frames from that are read by cap0 and passed into VideoWriter object. After some time I wanted to insert frames that are read from path2 from the time where I switched from path 1. like If I wrote frames till 3 sec from path 1,I wanted to insert frames of path 2 from the 4 sec till 6 sec

Now if I switch back again to path1 then I wanted to insert frames from the 7 sec by skipping the frames of path1 from 4sec to 6 sec.

Is there any way doing this like may be skipping the frames or any other alternative

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