Capture 180 HFOV but produce video without distortion?

asked 2016-09-26 21:14:44 -0600

Crashalot gravatar image

The goal is to create a camera system that offers 180 HFOV but produces video focused only on one part -- for instance, to cover a whole basketball court but only produce video focused on one player.

The video must be distortion free -- i.e., not look shot from a fisheye lens. It should resemble video captured by someone with a smartphone camera who's panning the scene to keep the player centered in the video.

  • Could you use a single 180-deg sensor for the camera system and remove the fisheye distortion through software? Dropcam offers a 130-deg FOV and seemingly produces video without distortion so this seems possible? If yes, what are the drawbacks to using a single, wide-angle sensor?

  • If not, which is the better sensor configuration: 2 90-deg sensors or 3 60-deg sensors? From a manufacturing perspective, fewer sensors seems better but 90-deg sensors would also introduce their own distortions, right?

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