Complicated compilation for python 3.5

asked 2016-09-20 03:43:13 -0500

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Compilation used to be a piece of cake for python 3.4. However, ubuntu 16 ships with python 3.5, and things get complicated for openCV from the latest git pull.

Yes, I have followed the instructions in

Here are some nice tips, although they don't work for me ..

Finally, I changed "CmakeVars.txt" manually by replacing all occurences of "python3.4" into "python3.5" among other things.. I cross-checked the directories and they indeed exists .. (i.e. "/usr/include/python3.5m", etc.).

Then i do

make -j2

However, it still complains me that it does not find "Python.h". Then I do

cp /usr/include/python3.5m/*.h modules/python3/

And it finally compiles.. but this is dirty and hacky.

Has anyone a nice "cmake" command that is known to work for python 3.5 and that would configure the build system correctly ?


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