Brisk & opencv 2.4.8 (or more)

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I have decided to use binary feature matching in an application, and after reading here and there, I finally decided to use ORB/ORB or BRISK/BRISK (and maybe FREAKS descriptor in further step) I don't want for the moment to switch to opencv 3.x so I momentally eliminated AKAZE from my choices. I currently use opencv 2.4.8

I read a post of end 2014 : link text

which led me to : link text

If I well understand (which is not sure ;), BRISK implementation at least for the detection isn't "stable", so If I stick to opencv 2.4.8 I should better use ORB/ORB (or ORB/FREAKS if it's possible) ? Remark: I don't talk about quality comparison of the features, only opencv version "stability"

So I just wonder :

  • Was it some isolated points of view or a "real" issue noticed by many people ?

  • Do any following opencv 2.4.x versions fixed the issue ?

Thanks in advance :)

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