ZCA implementation in java

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to implement ZCA Whitening algorithm like shown here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31... with opencv in Scala (using Java api) but I cannot find the most of the functions used there (phython with numpy).

So far I tried with this:

      //Covariance matrix
      val covar, mean = new Mat()
      Core.calcCovarMatrix(input, covar, mean, Core.COVAR_NORMAL | Core.COVAR_ROWS) 
      Core.divide(covar, new Scalar(input.rows - 1), covar)

      //Singular Value Decomposition
      val w, u, vt = new Mat()
      Core.SVDecomp(covar, w, u, vt)

      //#Whitening constant, it prevents division by zero
      val  epsilon = 1e-5

To implement the last trasformation

      ZCAMatrix = np.dot(U, np.dot(np.diag(1.0/np.sqrt(S + epsilon)), U.T))

I tried with:

  var ZCAMatrix = new Mat
  Core.add(w, new Scalar(epsilon), ZCAMatrix)
  Core.sqrt(ZCAMatrix, ZCAMatrix)
  Core.divide(1.0, ZCAMatrix, ZCAMatrix)
  Core.gemm(Mat.diag(ZCAMatrix), u.t, 1, new Mat, 0, ZCAMatrix)
  Core.gemm(ZCAMatrix, u, 1, new Mat, 0, ZCAMatrix)

The result of thei transformation is: this

which is not exactly what it's supposed to be. Can someone help?

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