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Currently there are two reasons for preserving binary compatibility:

  • Android Manager package released in Google Play; changes can break several applications relying on this package
  • Linux distributions which maintain thier own OpenCV packages; changes can break other packages depending on OpenCV, result in massive package rebuild and complicate dependencies

Although, we've discussed this idea recently, some of the proposals were:

  • probably we can drop Android Manager package support
  • we should keep source-level compatibility between same major versions
  • we can mark obsolete functions as "deprecated" to signal users about future removal
  • we can...
    • either keep binary-level compatibility between same major.minor versions, for example 3.1.0 => 3.1.1 != 3.2
    • either keep binary-level compatibility between same major versions, for example 3.0 => 3.1 => 3.2 != 4.0 (current state)

But none of these decisions has been taken yet. We will be glad to hear any arguments and ideas.