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More Data: I spent the day compiling debug version of openCL [ v3.1 ] into static libraries. Here is what i have learned: * the problem i was stuck with -- matchTemplate crashing -- now works fine, no crash * but there is now an earlier crash long before any call to match Template. * I have tracked this thru to line 274 of opencl_core.cpp; * my program is calling cv::extractChannel to get channel zero of an RGB image [which looks just fine in ImageWatch]. this goes to useOpenCL which then calls HaveOpenCL which then calls opencl_check_fn which as you can see in the gifs declares the function clGetPlatformDs as not present and throws the memory fault.

Here are the gifs: C:\fakepath\useOpenCL_1.GIF OpenCL C:\fakepath\haveOpenCL.GIF haveOpenCL C:\fakepath\opencl_check_fn.GIF check function A C:\fakepath\check_fn_B.GIF check function B C:\fakepath\check_fn_C_smoking_gun.GIF smoking gun

I leave it to the opencl code gurus to figure out what this is crashing here, especially as it wasnt crashing using the non-debug libraries.