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Hi again,

I was finally able to get past the dreaded:

I:\Android\OpenCV242\include\opencv/cv.h:63:33: fatal error: opencv2/core/core_c.h: No such file or directory

compile error. I still haven't been able to do so with OpenCV ver2.4.2. But I tried ver2.0.0 and did get past the error with:

  • the Windows environment variable OPENCV_DIR being set to: "I:\Android\OpenCV2.0"
  • the Windows PATH including: %OPENCV_DIR%\bin
  • the Eclipse project Properties->Settings->Includes being set to: "I:\Android\OpenCV2.0\include\opencv" and "I:\Android\OpenCV2.0\include"

Similar settings for ver2.4.2 (with a correspondingly different install directory, of course) do not find core_c.h. Of course, I still need to employ the newer version at some point. So, can anyone tell me what I must change to get 2.4.2 to work at least to the point that 2.0 has? Any advice about 242's directory structure?

Sorry if my questions are simplistic. I am admittedly a newbie. Thanks, Ted