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I have been able to do it successfully.

    Image.Plane Y = image.getPlanes()[0];
    Image.Plane U = image.getPlanes()[1];
    Image.Plane V = image.getPlanes()[2];

    int Yb = Y.getBuffer().remaining();
    int Ub = U.getBuffer().remaining();
    int Vb = V.getBuffer().remaining();

    byte[] data = new byte[Yb + Ub + Vb];

    Y.getBuffer().get(data, 0, Yb);
    U.getBuffer().get(data, Yb, Ub);
    V.getBuffer().get(data, Yb+ Ub, Vb);

I'm using OpenCV JNI and was able to convert it to BGR image using CV_YUV2BGR_I420 with cvtColor

Here's my C++ code.

jboolean Java_com_fenchtose_myPackage_myClass_myMethod(
        JNIEnv* env, jobject thiz,
        jint width, jint height,
        jbyteArray YUVFrameData)
    jbyte * pYUVFrameData = env->GetByteArrayElements(YUVFrameData, 0);

    double alpha;
    alpha = (double) alphaVal;

    Mat mNV(height + height/2, width, CV_8UC1, (unsigned char*)pYUVFrameData);
    Mat mBgr(height, width, CV_8UC3);

    cv::cvtColor(mNV, mBgr, CV_YUV2BGR_I420);

    env->ReleaseByteArrayElements(YUVFrameData, pYUVFrameData, 0);

    return true;