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Hmm, very weired, I am doing nearly the same without a problem. So let's look at matchers.cpp: imgCount would be the numbers of clusters, i.e. 10100 in your case. According to matchers.cpp IMGIDX_ONE = (1 << 18) = 2^18 = 262144. So 10100*262144 = 2 647 654 400. If INT_MAX is 2^31 - 1 = 2 147 483 647 the assertion fails. However, depending on your system and the compiler you use, see, INT_MAX can vary. I'm not very sure about the meaning of this assertion, but maybe this assertion could be changed to UINT_MAX then you wouldn't have a problem, i.e. changing INT_MAX to UINT_MAX in matchers.cpp and recompiling opencv may solve your problem for now.