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You can save it to the file with fwrite(..) function. It is sample for 16U one-channel Mat:

FILE *imageFile = fopen(imageName, "wb");
fwrite(, camFrameWidth*camFrameHeight, sizeof(u_int16_t), imageFile);

For reading(but you should know rows and cols count):

 FILE * pFile;
    long lSize;
    char * buffer;
    size_t result;

    pFile = fopen ( imagePath.c_str() , "rb" );
    if (pFile==NULL) {fputs ("File error",stderr); exit (1);}

    // obtain file size:
    fseek (pFile , 0 , SEEK_END);
    lSize = ftell (pFile);
    rewind (pFile);

    // allocate memory to contain the whole file:
    buffer = (char*) malloc (sizeof(char)*lSize);

    if (buffer == NULL) {fputs ("Memory error",stderr); exit (2);}

    // copy the file into the buffer:
    result = fread (buffer,1,lSize,pFile);
    if (result != lSize) {fputs ("Reading error",stderr); exit (3);}

    // clean up
    fclose (pFile);

    Mat image;
    uint16_t *imageMap = (uint16_t*)buffer;
    image.create( rows, cols, CV_16UC1 );
    memcpy(, imageMap, rows*cols*sizeof(uint16_t) );