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thank you for

thank you for

your replies and sorry if I wasn't clear. Let me explain again.

Let's say I have two areas that I can clearly see they are different. These areas touch each other.

Now, the method for watershed is, first find the background. Well that is relatively easy. So I have the background and I mark it with some number.

Now the next step is find the foreground and mark each interested area with a different number. So in this case if I have two areas I have to find the sure foreground and mark it with two different values. and then apply watershed.

But that is precisely why I am using watershed!! to differentiate these two foreground areas! I mean what is the point of using watershed if I have to use another method to find and differentiate those foreground areas.

Using thresholding and morphology the best I can do is find which part of the image is sure foreground but I can not differentiate which part is of one region and ore of other region. How can I solve this dilemma???

thanks a thousand