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I do not know what to say, only that you are saying that you need to detect a bus, this means you need a detector. You can start with a car detector (this may be a start, or other similar ones), see if it works, then just use the detection to create another one. I would suggest you a LBP (it is much faster than HAAR) and, maybe, a classifier (SVM). Anyway, you'll need a start and then you can create a more specialized detector.

I think this could be a good approach:

  1. Detect the bus.
  2. Search for those 2-3 buses that you want (maybe defining an area of searching the number of the bus and verify if it is the wanted bus)
  3. Use the frame (or even the detected bus), for further processing

About "incoming":

  • maybe you will need to detect the front of the bus only
  • or you will need to use the position for saying if it is arriving or leaving; but I assume that the bus will not get close (so you can detect it) and then just go backwards...