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Thanks for your reply, Jakob.

I do not know when GPU synchronization is happening while using OpenCV. However, the timing of each step indicates there is some dependency on the parameters. For example, on the arithmetic operation step, it takes longer to invoke 800 operations than it does 600 operations -- and the time is roughly proportional, which makes sense. However, like you pointed out, these might be asynchronous operations, i.e., some of the time might be showing up in the next step (copy device buffer to host). However, even if the operations are happening during the buffer copy to the host, the total time to execute the arithmetic operations is 2 orders of magnitude greater than the CPU implementation -- this has me puzzled.

I was hoping someone close to the design/development of the cv::UMat / OpenCL functionality in OpenCV would recognize this question and offer some insight. However, it seems like this will require digging into the source code to determine the behavior.

Thanks again for your reply.