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Hello I am alsow working on an android project for image recognition of a set of images from sd card to the camera indicated ones. Have you completed youre work? Could you help me with a few questions?

My tought process is like this: 1: load all images from sd card, calculate their keypoints, then theirs descriptions in Mat, and store them in a List<mat> data container; 2: when the camera is initialized I get one image, turn it to grayscale, get their keyPoints, the descriptions, and do a Brute Force matching to he descriptor just calculated with a loop taking all previously loaded descriptors.

Then there is the MatOfDMath result, and there I have some issues. I am trying to get the good_matches List, but all the distances are 0 in the match result. I am saving the largest best_matches container to be the one witch is my image from the loaded ones, but it is not working. Any ideas?