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The Flandmark Facial point detector (with code) can be found here:

It will return you the four corner points of the eyes, corner of mouth, center of nose, and center of face. It does however require you to give it a bounding box of the face so you will probably have to use the Viola Jones face detector in OpenCV (or any other method) to locate the face first, which you are already doing.

I've compiled the code on Ubuntu and it works very well, provided the bounding box you give it is "just right". If it is too tightly cropped it might miss the feature points near the border of the image. For such cases, you can try to extend the border and specify the bounding box as the "inner" image (excluding border) and sometimes it works. On the other hand when the bounding box is too large it might converge to some nonsense points. But on the whole it works really well, even on rotated faces, faces with glasses, and those that are close to side profile.