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You can set a ROI (region of interest) to mark the area in the source image to be copied. Set the roi in the destination image and copy the image. Once you have set a roi, the certain part of the image will be treated as whole Image.

So your code could be something like: [code] *IplImage img1, img2; cvSetImageROI(img2, cvRect(0,320,640,320); cvSetImageROI(img1, cvRect(0,320,640,320); cvcopy(img1,img2); cvReleaseROI(img2); cvReleaseROI(img1);

[/code] You need to tell the source image the roi in order to copy the part you want to copy and you need to tell the destination a roi in order to copy the certain part of the image into the specific half of your image

Hope that helps