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Hi all,

This is not the answer, I'm using this as my feedback and update to my previous try since the "comment" function cannot accommodate so much text.

As described above, feature2d experiment gave wrong result, I think the TV channel logo is too small to be detected by feature2d algorithms, so I resort to template matching.

First I assume the logo position is fixed, so the exact logo region is cropped out and matched agains a prepared template, this can output promising identification.

But the logo position turns out to be NOT fixed, i.e., there is some shift. I have to match the template against a larger area, and this does not guarantee correct result.

Now I come back to this question, and have to consider the feature2d algorithms again, as this feature2d technique seems a more natural solution for my problem.

@GilLevi & @Guanta: Thank you for the suggestions. I have not came across the "LBP" word as I dig through the opencv docs, can you point me to a link, something like the opencv tutorials would be great.

And for other terms, "cross-check", "ratio-check", "RANSAC", and "transformation matrix", pardon my ignorance, I think I have to dig much deeper, but if you can point me to specific resources I'd be much appreciated.

Thank you again for your time and help.