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You could try Profactor CvPlot (I am the developer). It is very easy to integrate, purely opencv based and can be extended with custom drawables. This is how you can plot to a cv::Mat or show a diagram with an interactive viewer:

#include <CvPlot/cvplot.h>
std::vector<double> x(20*1000), y1(x.size()), y2(x.size()), y3(x.size());
for (size_t i = 0; i < x.size(); i++) {
    x[i] = i * CV_2PI / x.size();
    y1[i] = std::sin(x[i]);
    y2[i] = y1[i] * std::sin(x[i]*50);
    y3[i] = y2[i] * std::sin(x[i]*500);
auto axes = CvPlot::makePlotAxes();
axes.create<CvPlot::Series>(x, y3, "-g");
axes.create<CvPlot::Series>(x, y2, "-b");
axes.create<CvPlot::Series>(x, y1, "-r");

//plot to a cv::Mat
cv::Mat mat = axes.render(300, 400);

//or show with interactive viewer
CvPlot::show("mywindow", axes);

image description

You may also want to try Leonardvandriel's cvplot. It works similar but cannot be extended with custom drawables.