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The LBP feature: [63] x=0; y=1; width=2; height=4 means, 63 is the feature ID. In openCV the LBP cascade generated uses MB-LBP rather than normal LBP. MB-LBP means macro-block LBP. Here it means the rectangle of 2x4 at (0,1) is the macro-block for which the total sum of the pixels of that rectangle is compared with the neighboring rectangles of same width and height to form the LBP pattern which may take any value from 0 to 255 depending on the comparisions.

Actually here (0,1) is the starting coordinate of the zeroth neighbor macro-block. That means we are actually evaluating for the macro-block at (2,5) with 2x4 dimensions.

Thanks and Regards Sandeep John.V