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So it seems that your goal is to get the GPS (or real-world metric) coordinates from pixel coordinates based on 3-point affine transform from a lens distorted image that includes a perspective view? Well, this is not going to work. You need to undistort your image first and then use at least 4 points to get the persepctive transform or even better, use all points that you have and findhomography (assuming the scene/road is flat). You probably do not have your camera model and probably cannot calibrate it in a standard way using a chessboard as you probably have no free access to the camera. In such a case you may use the Tsai method with coplanar data points. Unfortunately I have never done the calibration part yet, so I cannot help you further with it now (I have a very similar problem and need to undistort a street scene, but I just seem not to be able to find time to do it).