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If you are a beginner in computer vision, start by reading a course or a book. There are plenty of ressources on the net.

It is essential to understand the theory before. Because OpenCV is just a library and once you understand the theory, it is more or less just a matter to call the functions with the correct arguments. Replace OpenCV with Matlab or scikit-image, they are ultimately just some tools to build your computer vision pipeline.

When you start implementing your own computer vision functions, e.g. a function to detect Harris corners, you will understand or grasp a good idea about the implementation details inherent to computer vision. This will allow you to understand and read the OpenCV source code more easily.

If you are not a beginner in computer vision, you should look at the documentation, at the samples and more generally into the source code. Finally, a good book about OpenCV and computer vision is Learning OpenCV 3 by Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler.