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Hello, in my opinion. "learning" about the whole library in 45 days in detail is a little to ambitious. But there are a lot of examples out there for stuff like human detection. I think its possible to look at some of these and understand what is happening in these within 45 days. That its quite hard to learn about the whole library in less than two month is not about your skill its due the pure size of the library. I myself learned a lot from the OpenCV Cookbook which is available on Amazon and maybe eBay for little money. Furthermore the most helpful stuff in my opinion are the samples deployed with each OpenCV package. For your other question i would entrust the newest stable version to you, which is 2.4.6 at the moment. And you can use the programming language which you are most familiar with. There are just the normal limitations that java or python might be a bit slower due their run-time environment. But for trying yourself out in the beginning this shouldn't be a big problem. I hope my answers helped you a bit. Kind regards Arne