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  1. OpenCV Computer Vision with Python - This book is very small and have some tutorials. Currently this is the only book released exclusively for OpenCV-Python. It uses OpenCV 2.x version.
  2. Programming Computer Vision with Python - Personally, I prefer this book to the first because it has more details and tutorials, but it is not using OpenCV (though there is a chapter which introduces OpenCV). Most of the time, author implements the algorithm on his own using Numpy and other related libraries. Although it is not OpenCV related, still a good book for Python enthusiasts

So to overcome this issue, OpenCV itself is going to release a new set of tutorials which covers most of the API of OpenCV-Python. The tutorials are based on OpenCV 3.x ( OpenCV 3.x is not yet released, so you have to compile it from source in Github master branch. Tutorials has the installation details). Tutorials are also not yet released. But you can compile it from source if you have the Sphinx installed in your computer.

Source repo :

Or you can check following link for daily builds :

Like OpenCV, tutorials are open source. So don't forget to report any errors you come across, whether spelling mistakes, code errors, theoretical mistakes, or anything.

Spelling mistake in tutorials --> tutroals is part of it. So don't correct it :)