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I have a image(YUV_420_888) that captured by ARCore in pixel, and want to covert it to Mat.

I have try the first answer(, but it failed.I can't get the rgb image by save the picture using the opencv function: imwrite().

And then, I try the second answer(, I failed too. because in the image that saved by imwrite(), red object covert to green.

Finally, because of a little accident, I try the code that YUV to data(byte[]) that write in the first answer, and try the code that data(byte[]) to Mat that writes in the second answer, and I successd.

---------- Java

    Image.Plane Y = image.getPlanes()[0];
    Image.Plane U = image.getPlanes()[1];
    Image.Plane V = image.getPlanes()[2];

    int Yb = Y.getBuffer().remaining();
    int Ub = U.getBuffer().remaining();
    int Vb = V.getBuffer().remaining();

    byte[] data = new byte[Yb + Ub + Vb];

    Y.getBuffer().get(data, 0, Yb);
    U.getBuffer().get(data, Yb, Ub);
    V.getBuffer().get(data, Yb+ Ub, Vb);

    return data;

--------- OpenCV JNI ,c++

extern "C"
    (JNIEnv *env, jobject jobj, jbyteArray _pixels1, jbyteArray _pixels2, jint width, jint height)

jbyte *pixels1 = env->GetByteArrayElements(_pixels1 , NULL);
jbyte *pixels2 = env->GetByteArrayElements(_pixels2 , NULL);

    int size = -1;
    jintArray result = env->NewIntArray(size);
    return result;
Mat lyuvMat(height + (height / 2), width, CV_8UC1, (unsigned char*)pixels1);
imwrite("/storage/emulated/0/camoutput/xly/lyuv.jpg", lyuvMat);
Mat lrgbMat(height, width, CV_8UC3);
cvtColor(lyuvMat, lrgbMat, COLOR_YUV2RGB_NV21, 3);
imwrite("/storage/emulated/0/camoutput/xly/lrgb.jpg", lrgbMat);