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So I have tried to reinstall openCV on Cygwin with update versions of ffmpeg-2.0 and openCV- I have followed all this tutorial

But during the 4th step, when I did

make install

I had this error

CMakeFiles/opencv_highgui.dir/src/cap_dshow.cpp.o:cap_dshow.cpp:(.text$_ZN10videoInput23ShowFilterPropertyPagesEP11IBaseFilter+0x37): undefined reference to `IID_ISpecifyPropertyPages'

First time, I tried install OpenCV on Cygwin, I had this error too. I fixed it by adding the following line on cap_dshow.cpp :


Maybe, it was not a good idea and it is for this reason that my installation of openCV was not good.

Does anyone know this kind of error and how to fix it more properly?

Thanks for your help.