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If you don't have the OpenCVTestRunner, this does the job (Exception-Handling omitted):

private void init() {


    FeatureDetector orbDetector = FeatureDetector.create(FeatureDetector.ORB);

    File outputDir = getCacheDir(); // If in an Activity (otherwise getActivity.getCacheDir();
    File outputFile = File.createTempFile("orbDetectorParams", ".YAML", outputDir);
    writeToFile(outputFile, "%YAML:1.0\nscaleFactor: 1.2\nnLevels: 8\nfirstLevel: 0 \nedgeThreshold: 31\npatchSize: 31\nWTA_K: 2\nscoreType: 1\nnFeatures: 500\n");;

    [... use detector ... ]

private void writeToFile(File file, String data) {
    FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream(file);
    OutputStreamWriter outputStreamWriter = new OutputStreamWriter(stream);