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Yes, it is possible...most likely you will want to parameterize the stream counts (rather than hard-coding '12') to make efficient use of block transfers based on GPU-specs including avail. memory, video format and frame specs, frame speed, and GPU algorithm-execution performance.

Here is nVidia's somewhat dated whitepaper link from their video decode/encode kit, which may outperform the VideoCapture/VideoWriter:

More importantly is their Codec SDK:

My assumption is that CV/Cuda will be used within the frame-based algorithm, so I'll leave that to you....but the nVidia codec SDK will get you in and out again from the GPU without CPU-based video writes.

Also, here is a link to IntuVision's publication and commercial products that scale to make use of GPU resources for video analytics:

--Gotta give credit where credit is due, and IntuVision does it well!

Hope this helps, JasonInVegas