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Well, the most obvious thing is rotation. The default settings look for any rotation in 1 degree increments. So if you only need ~5 degrees, you can just make the angle-step 5 and you cut your time to about 1/5th.

The other big one is scale. Are your objects all about the same size the same distance from the camera? If so, set the min and max scale closer together. Right now, it searches for anything from half the size to twice the size (0.5 to 2), in steps of 0.05. That's a lot of work.

Really, the best thing to do is read the documentation and start playing with the default parameters.

Last thing. It's fine for examples, but that's my fork of the repository. I don't always keep it up to date. If you're downloading code, make sure to pull it from the main OpenCV repository.