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Switch length and width. I ended up just switching the length and width numbers in the input xml file, and it ended up working. Initially, I was getting a funky undistorted image, but I set all the following constraints to zero (false):

  <!-- Consider only fy as a free parameter, the ratio fx/fy stays the same as in the input cameraMatrix.
           Use or not setting. 0 - False Non-Zero - True-->
  <Calibrate_FixAspectRatio> 1 </Calibrate_FixAspectRatio>
  <!-- If true (non-zero) tangential distortion coefficients  are set to zeros and stay zero.-->
  <!-- If true (non-zero) the principal point is not changed during the global optimization.-->
  <Calibrate_FixPrincipalPointAtTheCenter> 1 </Calibrate_FixPrincipalPointAtTheCenter>

and then it worked correctly.