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Actually your first mistake is the image size, using images for the createsamples utility of such a large resolution is just asking for memory problems. Expecially if you consider that each of the created images is stored into memory.

--> instead of using -w 4960 -h 3506 try to reduce your image to a reasonable size. Expecially if you know that training depends on size of createsamples vector, and gets stuck easily with sizes larger than 100x100 pixels. I suggest dividing your image size by 100, giving you a 50 x 35 pixel image size.

Also, the createsamples does require you to give degrees of freedom. You do not allow it to actually rotate the image in any dimension. Then how do you expect it to create random samples if no randomness is added?

--> adapt these parameters : -maxxangle 0 -maxyangle 0 -maxzangle 0

Also if you are planning to create an object detector, the createsamples utility will yield terrible result. It is better to actually capture a set of object images under all kinds of circumstances (lighting, orientation, position) and use a annotation file (containing location of objects in input images) to create your sample vector.