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It can work, especially in this scenario. If you have a physically mounted and fixed camera, you have a stable scene, so you just need to follow the guy.

The problem is, your question depends on too much we can't know. It's very simple to answer though.

First, you decide what the final resolution is going to be, and how much space around him you want in the picture.

Then do some simple geometry. From where your camera is at, what angle (FOV) do you need to cover the area the player is in? What angle (FOV) do you need to cover the entire area?

Take the number of pixels (in the horizontal direction) you need on the player, divide by the first angle, multiply by the second angle. That number is the number of pixels you need (in the horizontal direction) for the camera. It's likely to be very large.

Your setup will probably need multiple cameras next to each other to cover the entire basketball court. At least, if you're using cheap cameras. If you're making your own, pretty much anything is possible if you spend enough money.