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Running DNN on GPU (Problems with OpenCL and Halide)

asked 2018-08-08 09:06:28 -0500

Mary-Ann gravatar image


I am running a Caffe based network, called DetectNet (, using the Python-OpenCV dnn module. It has one special layer which I needed to register manually.

Now I would like to improve the performance, and switch to the GPU. I have already done some research and found these threads: and .

So I tried to use OpenCL and Halide. But apparently OpenCL is not supported on my machine (I am using NVidia), since I get this warning: [ WARN:0] DNN: OpenCL target is not supported with current OpenCL device (tested with Intel GPUs only), switching to CPU.

In case of Halide, I get an error: (-215:Assertion failed) haveHalide() in function 'wrapMat' The problem is the additional non-Caffe layer. If I delete this layer, no error occurs, and the application speeds up a bit (even though it is still pretty slow, and I actually need even higher performance). Unfortunately, the deleted layer sums up the calculations and produces the output of the network, so I can not simply delete it.

So my question is, if/how it is possible to run DetectNet with the Halide Interface. In the second thread it was mentioned, that a general GPU support is planned for the future. Are there any information available, when this feature could be possibly released?

Thank you for any answers!


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answered 2018-11-21 01:09:12 -0500

Try setting the environment variable OPENCV_DNN_OPENCL_ALLOW_ALL_DEVICES=1 E.g. on linux shell: OPENCV_DNN_OPENCL_ALLOW_ALL_DEVICES=1 ./your_program

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answered 2018-08-29 01:52:08 -0500

tyzeroy gravatar image

@Mary-Ann, my opencv version is 3.4.2 and I got the same waring "[ WARN:0] DNN: OpenCL target is not supported with current OpenCL device (tested with Intel GPUs only), switching to CPU." After googling, i found the reason. because of those issues, it seems to force switching CPU if GPU is not Intel and the InteGPU is only supported now.

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